BSI offers a range of software support and maintenance packages to fit the needs of end-users, as well as partner organizations.

All support plans include full software maintenance, which includes release upgrades and service packs.

BSI provides support services beginning at a basic level of performing initial customer trouble-shooting. At the next level, BSI performs problem diagnosis and resolution. Typical problems resolved are basic software setup, basic usage of the product, configuration and general software upgrade issues, and known software problems. Problems beyond known fixes or those not solved in a timely fashion are escalated to address problems beyond basic setup and usage issues. These issues may need programming involvement and/or code changes to resolve. Complex problems may need to be researched, duplicated and tested in the support lab.

Our customers are our most valued asset.

Consulting Services

BSI has extensive international consulting experience in all aspects of power system stability and control and is well recognized in the field of software development, both for off-line and on-line applications. BSI offers a wide range of services and products to provide comprehensive solutions to the most challenging power system analysis problems. These services include, but are not limited to, power system studies for transmission, distribution and industrial power systems covering traditional energy resources and intermittent renewable energy sources.

We provide consulting services to help customers solve emerging specialized and non-routine problems.