TEPCO Cooperation and the TEPCO-BCU Package

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the largest private electric utility in the world, has been working with BSI since 1997 to develop advanced tools for on-line power system monitoring, assessment, and control in the energy control center. TEPCO-BCU for On-line Transient Stability Analysis and Control is an integrated package developed for fast yet exact transient stability assessments and control of large-scale power systems for on-line mode, on-line study mode, or off-line planning mode. TEPCO-BCU is jointly developed, owned, supported, and marketed by TEPCO and Bigwood. It offers several significant engineering and financial benefits. These advantages lead to accurate utilization of transmission capacity and increased transmission capacity without additional transmission investment. TEPCO-BCU is integrated with the Energy Management System of more than 10 large electric utilities in Asia, Central America, and North America to perform on-line dynamic security assessment as a tightly coupled component of the Energy Management Control Center. TEPCO-BCU uses the most advanced methods, including five patented methods to perform fast dynamic contingency screening, ranking, and control enhancement. In addition, TEPCO-BCU is used for application to system dynamic modeling, demand response, and SPS design, among others.