ADAPT for Active Management of Distribution Networks

Distribution Network real-time monitoring, analysis, optimization, and control

Customer load demand and renewable energy integration continue to increase annually, placing further stress specifically on distribution networks. With all the activity taking place in lower voltage areas of the power system, it is becoming clear that real-time applications are needed for active management of the distribution networks.

ADAPT is a platform for distribution network applications (e.g., real-time and look-ahead monitoring, analysis, optimization, and control). ADAPT stands for the Advanced Distributed Analytics of Power Networks Tool and focuses on facilitating renewable energy integration in sub-transmission, distribution, and the smart grid via real-time analysis.

Applications in the integrated ADAPT platform include but are not limited to:

  • Distribution State Estimation
  • Distribution Power Flow Engine
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Interactive Single Line Diagram (133 kV and below)
  • Energy Forecaster (for load, solar, and wind)
  • Corrective Control for removing violations in the system
  • Proprietary Data Bridging Engine, which merges operational and planning data
  • Energy Loss Analysis and Mitigation
  • Volt-Var Optimization

The ADAPT platform was demonstrated at UK Power Networks in London, UK through the government-funded Kent Active System Management (KASM) Project. The KASM project helped UK Power Networks transition to a premier Distribution System Operator (DSO). This project went on to win several well-recognized innovation awards.

Key Features

  • Provides full visibility of the power network and renewables via State Estimation using available measurement data
  • Models and predicts renewable energy uncertainty and ramping behavior
  • Determines any thermal or voltage violations caused by disturbances and renewable integration
  • Removes violations with advisory control suggestions for current system devices, e.g., tap changers, shunt capacitors
  • Study tool that brings actual on-line cases for infrastructure planning studies