ACS and BSI relationship provides EMS opportunities and Energy Market differentiators

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NORCROSS, GA -- October 13, 2015 – Advanced Control Systems (ACS), a global provider of smart grid automation technology, signed a partnership agreement with Bigwood Systems, Inc. (BSI), a world leader in developing innovative tools for power grid assessment, monitoring, analysis, operation, control and optimization.  Together, they combine best-in-class technology to provide fully integrated Energy Management System (EMS) solutions for the electrical power industry.

According to ACS CEO Kevin Sullivan, “Our combined capabilities are providing advanced EMS systems to utilities that have both Transmission and Distribution energy management, building an integrated ‘best of breed’ single, real-time platform. Our energy management real-time platform PRISM™ (Precision Real-time Information System Management™) supports energy delivery and outage management seamlessly from transmission and distribution to the edges of our grid – the consumer.”

“We are very excited for this partnership, as both of our company strengths perfectly complement each other. BSI brings field-proven, advanced energy applications and an innovative culture to combine with ACS’s ability to support broad smart grid functionality and their first-class system installation, documentation, training, and support,” says BSI President and Cornell University Professor Dr. Hsiao-Dong Chiang. “We believe in teaming for success to develop innovative technologies and apply them to meet critical industry needs in a cost-effective partnership with our customers.”

ACS (founded in 1975 and based in Norcross, GA) successfully delivers PRISM™ SCADA, OMS, EMS, ADMS, Substation & Feeder Automation, Mobile and Turnkey services to a large customer base globally. BSI (founded in 1995 and based in Ithaca, NY) has an exceptional track record in developing powerful on-line EMS solutions deployed around the world, including several large ISO/RTOs in North America. BSI also invented and holds a total of 20 patents in this area.

Together, ACS and BSI differentiate themselves in the marketplace with a product roadmap identifying specific roles and responsibilities for integrated DMS and EMS applications. 

DASmap™ tools unified with the T&D editor are just two of many innovative technologies intended to target regions and global customers, enabling real-time assessment, enhancement, and optimization with high-performance in a single network model.